Friday, March 31, 2006

Previews of coming attractions

To some extent I use this blog as a scratch pad. It's where I compose rough drafts of material destined for My blue puzzle piece. It's also handy for its comment feature.

Here are some ideas I might develop and explore...

    tactical decisions

Credibility, influence, and persuasion

Decoupling possibility from probability
(Possibility exists regardless what we perceive to be probable.)

Spreading butter with a chainsaw

Every decision reflects values

The danger of ends justifying means
(We're gonna do this! Even if it means we have to give everyone a chocolate ice cream cone!)

The difference between control and influence
(and the joy of sledding)

Wishful thinking,
a conversation from a cocktail party

What's in a game?
(frames around the word "game")

It's THE economy!
(a game of belief and magic)

Measuring commitment in decibels

Walking away from the cliff
(Is it still a cliff yet?
Oh. How about now?)

So, there it is: a table of contents, of sorts, or perhaps an outline of a puzzle.

Comments welcome...

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