Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pavement or Paradise?

If we pave Paradise to put up a parking lot, doesn't that suggest someone prefers pavement to Paradise?

How sad.

Oh, but it's just one small corner of Paradise, and we need want paved parking. It's a small parking lot, and Paradise is big.

Tomorrow our growing population needs wants more parking. So we'll pave over a little more of Paradise. And the day after that, and...

And one day we notice that Paradise seems very small. Hey, where did Paradise go?

Was the parking lot really worth the trouble? A simple shift in our values makes a huge difference. A simple decision.

Yesterday, we wanted parking lots. Today we decide we like Paradise better after all. So we choose to save Paradise and pull up the parking lots.

1 comment:

Billy Jones said...

There's an old Eagles song with a line in it that goes something like, "call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye..."