Friday, July 28, 2006

Of icebergs, NPR, and language

[Update Jan. 13, 2008, for NPR puzzle folks: No, I can't find it either! The funny Scrabble site, that is. But since that seems a dead end, and you're already here, why not stick around, click around, and read some more? Cheers]

For some time I've planned to write an essay framed by the metaphor, "the tip of an iceberg". I planned to include a photo of an iceberg that's been floating around the Internet for years.

I haven't finished that essay. I ponder a lot and write slowly. In the mean time, NPR beat me to it. Well, sort of. The NPR segment, "Language: What Lies Beneath", does cover a topic that interests me, and one I've written about briefly. But NPR's web graphic is based on exactly the iceberg image I planned to use. For me this image, created by photographer Ralph Clevenger, expresses the visual metaphor of the tip of an iceberg just as I see it in my mind. How about you?

Language: What Lies Beneath at


Update: Eventually I did write another "tip of the iceberg" essay. It can be found at my other web site,



Erin said...

I keep coming back to this post - that picture is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like it! I suspect you'll see it here again later.

A few years ago I was one of a million or so people who received a larger version in my email. It circulated widely, along with an inaccurate description of its origin. So I've had the image in mind for years. A couple of weeks ago, I researched its history to find out if I could post it here. When I saw the NPR web graphic, I figured I could use that as a basis for "fair use" of a thumbnail image.

Thanks for reading!