Sunday, January 21, 2007

Internet mud wrestling

As we careen headlong into a future that's globalized, industrialized, and urbanized, I suspect we lose our connection to our rural roots. Barely a generation removed from the farm, we're already losing the context that informed the common sense our grandparents shared.

I hope we've retained some of their common sense, enough to appreciate the insights expressed in some of our grandparents' sayings. Almost daily, on the Internet and on TV, I witness reminders of this one:

Never wrestle a pig in mud.
You both get dirty --
but the pig enjoys it.

The pig enjoys it.


Anonymous said...

well, here you are. i have wondered about you for some time.

it's me, kate. from ishcon. i hope it is okay that i am here. blogs are a kind of new thing to me....i feel like i'm snooping inside someone's diary. that said, i'm going to get busy snooping. like it or not, you'll be hearing from me!

oh, and the pig thing.....i love it! first good laugh i've had in days.

it's good to hear your voice.

etbnc said...

Hi, Kate. Welcome! It's good to see your presence also.

I write stuff for the public Internet with the hope that someone will read it. So please feel free to browse, read, and comment.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. You've got some great stuff here.

A variation:

Never argue with a pig. You'll only get frustrated and it will irritate the pig.

I assume these are all variants on the biblical admonition against casting pearls before swine. Not only are the words wasted but the pig will turn and rend you.