Sunday, April 22, 2007

Google's Earth Day logo

melting iceberg spells Google

When we begin to live in sustainable ways, every day will be Earth Day.

Until then, designating at least one day to focus attention on the state of our planet, to focus attention on the state of our home, that's a good deed. I commend the many people and organizations who make Earth Day notable, including Google.

As serious and as urgent as global warming is, it's the tip of the iceberg of sustainability. Let's spend some time over the next 364 days to explore the rest of the iceberg, shall we?

How will we live when we discover that it's not the ends, but the beginnings that justify our means?

Thanks for your time and attention


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GreenSmile said...

If you start explaining that ultimately, there IS NO alternative to living sustainably, you will put a lot of people to sleep.

no, wait, they are already sound asleep. Lets wake them up!

I have to find a way not to sound so superior and arrogant. when I do, I plan a whole series of posts on living green and loving it.