Friday, May 18, 2007

my new site,

My new web site,, is up and running, thanks to my friend Chris and his web hosting assistance.

This blog will stay, but my other personal web site (at will go away as soon as the new one appears at the usual web search sites. If you have a bookmark or a link, please update it.

I think of this blog as a rough draft writing area. Ideas are scattered around here, and though tags help to connect some of the pieces, reverse chronological presentation still restricts the way ideas can be assembled here. is a place where I can assemble and rearrange ideas in more interesting and useful ways.

Thanks for stopping by.



GreenSmile said...

I find the straight jacket of temporal organization very much at cross purposes to my has in fact forced me to blog on topical and current matters more than I had intended. will stay tuned to see how our work unfolds.

GreenSmile said...

The person who insists you could not possibly be experiencing X, for starters, is not experiencing YOU.