Saturday, September 01, 2007

How do you put out a fire?

I've noticed some people like to advocate "fighting fire with fire". Their contribution to conversation is to declare, with absolute confidence,

Ya gotta fight fire with fire!

Thing is, most firefighters I know use water.



Anonymous said...

What I have noticed about those who claim that they are "fighting fire with fire" is that they are, instead, simply spraying gasoline in all directions.


etbnc said...

Ah, the stories we tell, eh?

Thanks, MTran, for seeing how the metaphor may be extended.

GreenSmile said...

for instance, America needs to do something about that belligerent bunch of theocrats that have taken over in Iran....that is a fire for which we are well prepared to respond in kind.

Oh, wait, I think its THEIR turn to put out the "fire" the US started.

Same difference when you got a pair a fool countries like that.